The Administration of the Wichita Falls Police Department is comprised of three major components. The first is the Office of the Chief of Police who is responsible for overseeing the operation of the entire department. With an annual budget of over $21 million, the department is authorized to have 201 sworn officers and 90 civilian positions.

Annual Report

 Annual Report 

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1. Chief

The Chief has several employees in his office including his administrative secretary, who takes care of his daily scheduling, answers hundreds of phones calls, and the departmental paperwork, his administrative assistant who is responsible for purchasing and maintaining the budget, the payroll clerk who does the work schedules and payroll for the entire department, and the quartermaster who is the supply clerk for the department.

Office of Professional Conduct

The Office of Professional Conduct is also directly under the Chief of Police and is operated by a Lieutenant. The Chief of Police assigns all official investigations. The Office of Professional Conduct also accepts citizen compliments and those compliments are also accepted in the same manner.

2. Field Services

The Second component of the Administration is the Field Services Deputy Chief. As the largest division in the department the Field Services Division is also the most visible. A Deputy Chief commands the division. The makeup of Field Services includes Patrol, Traffic, Accident Investigation, Community Services, Training, Statistician, and the Criminal Intelligence Officer.

3. Support Services

The Third component of the Administration is the Support Services Deputy Chief. As the name implies this division supports the uniform division in necessary and vital functions for the day- to-day operations of the department. Support Services is composed of Criminal Investigations, Special and Tactical Operations, Identification Section, Organized Crime Unit, Records, Communications, Property and Evidence, and Impound.

Although the administration is primarily considered the top three ranking sworn officers of the department, there are several support personnel who are responsible for the daily operation of the department.