Fire Recruit Academy

If you are interested in an exciting career with the Wichita Falls Fire Department please fill out the following Notice of Job Opening. If you are eligible, Human Resources will contact you when the next round of recruit class testing is open.

Recruit School

The Wichita Falls Fire Department is committed to recruiting, hiring and training men and women who qualify to become part of our team, to serve the citizens of our community. The first day of recruit training is also the first day of employment with the City of Wichita Falls.

The normal work day for recruit school is 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Alterations to the schedule are permitted if approved by the Training Staff. The duration of the recruit training academy is approximately 24 weeks beginning with 7 weeks of emergency medical technician curriculum followed by the National Registry Test.

Candidates are not allowed to attend other schools or be employed outside of the Recruit Training Academy.

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Firefighter training begins immediately following successful completion of the National Registry Test which meets the Texas Commission of Fire Protection requirements for Structure Firefighters. Upon completion, trainees are required to take the State of Texas Firefighter Examination.

Those who successfully complete the recruit academy are placed in the stations as probationary Firefighters for approximately 18 months after graduation. During this time an ongoing training program will be provided along with evaluations and testing.