Vehicle Impound Lot

The Impound Lot is located at 3205 Industrial Drive, Wichita Falls, Texas and is operated by:

Mike's Towing:  (940) 687-8787,  Open 24 hours a day.

In order to determine where your vehicle is located within the storage area, contact Mikes Towing first. If the vehicle was towed for lack of insurance or no driver’s license, it will be in Mike's Towing storage lot.  If it was impounded as police evidence for an on-going criminal investigation, it will be located in a separate secured storage lot controlled by the Police Department.

To retrieve a vehicle that has been impounded you must have proof of ownership, insurance and identification. Mike's Towing w
ill be able to provide the total of any billing charges that will apply to your vehicle.

If the vehicle is part of a criminal investigation, it will be held until the detective handling the case has approved the release. For assistance from a Wichita Falls Police Department lot attendant please call (940) 761-7458.

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