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1. How many letters are sent for a code violation?
2. Can I get more time than what is stated in the courtesy letter to take care of the violation?
3. I received a letter for rubbish and trash-but, I didn't put it there. Am I still responsible?
4. I have a tenant living in a property that I own. Can I get a fine for their violation of an ordinance?
5. Is there an ordinance against parking vehicles in a back yard?
6. There is a vehicle on my property that doesn't belong to me. Can I have Code Enforcement remove this vehicle?
7. Can Code Enforcement officers look over a fence to inspect a complaint?
8. Is a property owner responsible for mowing the alley?
9. Can Code Enforcement tell my neighbor to cut their tree limbs that are hanging over onto my property?
10. Is there an ordinance requiring the removal of dead trees?
11. Does Code Enforcement issue building permits?
12. Can you tell me the current owner of a property?
13. Can Code Enforcement do anything about an inoperable vehicle on the street?
14. Does Code Enforcement handle complaints regarding basketball goals on the street?
15. Does Code Enforcement handle complaints regarding grass being blown onto streets?