Criminal Investigations


610 Holliday Street
Wichita Falls, TX 76301



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Investigation of all crimes against property, persons, financial crimes, juvenile crimes, preparation of cases for presentation to grand jury and to Criminal District Attorney for prosecution. Collection and analysis of evidence. The Financial Crimes Unit provides services to citizens, merchants and financial institutions who become victims of financial crime.

Name Title Email Phone
Smith, Richard Deputy Chief Investigative Operations Division 940-761-7757
Hardin, Brad Captain Investigative Operations Division 940-761-7762
Valdez, Danny Lieutenant Criminal Investigation Section 940-761-7762
Sheehan, Brian Sergeant Juvenile Unit 940-761-7762
Sullivan, Sean Sergeant Property Crimes Unit 940-761-7762
Miller, Donald Supervisor Financial Crimes Unit 940-761-7762
Wiggins, Danny Sergeant Misdemeanor Crimes Unit 940-761-7762