Wichita Falls Cultural Resources

Wichita Falls Historic Preservation Survey & Plan May 1982

A cultural resources survey was conducted in conjunction with development of an area historic preservation plan.  Field work was conducted by historic preservation consultant Ellen Beasley and various project assistants including but not limited to Kathy London, Ann Kable and Susan Campbell. The study was commissioned by the Wichita Co. Heritage Society (WCHS) and volunteers were trained to research and inventory the history of individual buildings. The project was coordinated with assistance from the City of Wichita Falls Planning Department.  The paper inventory sheets were digitized as part of a national preservation month initiative and properties are organized by area, followed by street.  The digital inventories are available to the general public in an effort to recognize the importance of the community’s historical and architectural resources.   

Areas included in the cultural resources inventory (1981):

For detailed information regarding area delineations, refer to the survey map by clicking here.

Kell House Muesum 900 Bluff - Resized
Wichita Falls Historic Preservation Survey Map