Location Site Permit for Roll-offs and Compactors

Location Site Permit Application

  • Any Commercial Customer wishing to utilize a Franchise holder for roll-off and/or compactor service shall first obtain a Location Site Permit.
    • Use of a Franchise holder roll-off receptacle is limited to:
      • Construction and demolition waste, 
      • Bulk waste, 
      • Cardboard or pallets to be composted at the City Landfill,
      • Scrap metal for recycling by others. 
      • All customers shall still maintain the necessary level of solid waste service from the City to dispose of other waste not listed above or have an enclosed compactor. (Click here for City's Commercial Solid Waste Service options)
      • Roll-off Location Site Permit is $10 per month billed to the utility bill. Multiple roll-offs may be placed under a single permit as long as they are at the same location.
    • Use of a Franchise holder compactor receptacle is allowed for municipal solid waste service. 
      • If at anytime the compactor is out of service, the Customer must contact the City for the appropriate municipal solid waste service until the compactor is back in service. Roll-offs may not be supplanted for municipal solid waste service. 
      • Compactor Location Site Permit is $25 per month billed to the utility bill.
    • Site Permit must be terminated by the permit holder in order to stop the monthly fee.
  • How to Apply for a Location Site Permit 

    1. Create an account on MyGov
    2. Select "Apply For A Permit"
    3. Select "Location Site Permit"
    4. Complete application. Please ensure you fill out all the mandatory information. 
    5. Submit application. Staff will review and approve, deny or request more information within 1 business day. (Normal business hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.)
  • How to Terminate Location Site Permit

    1. Log into MyGov Account and forward a message to the Project Manager to terminate the permit, or
    2. Call 940-761-7477 during normal business hours. Please have your site location and permit number available for reference.

For any questions on the permitting process please contact the Environmental Permits Coordinator at 940-761-7685 or the Environmental Coordinator 940-761-7670.