Municipal Court Prosecutor

Municipal Court Prosecutor


The Municipal Court Prosecutor’s Office represents the State of Texas in cases brought in the Wichita Falls Municipal Court. This includes cases alleging:
•Traffic violations in the City of Wichita Falls
•Violations of the City Code of Ordinances
•Class C criminal misdemeanors

Please be aware that citations for these offenses can be filed with the Justice of the Peace Court instead. Please check you citation for information on the court where your citation was filed.

Filing a Complaint with the Prosecutor Office

•If you are the victim of a crime please contact the Police Department by dialing 9-1-1 or (940) 720-5000. They will assist you in determining the correct procedure for your complaint.
•If you have witnessed a violation of a law over which you believe the Municipal Court has jurisdiction, you must either come to the Wichita Falls Municipal Court or call the Prosecutors Office at (940) 761 7675 to request a form be mailed to you. Return the completed form to the Court in person. Once the form is filed the Prosecutor's Office will contact you.