Flood Plain Management

National Flood Insurance Program

The City's Engineering Division would like to take this opportunity to remind members of the community about the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and the services that are available from our office. The NFIP makes federally backed flood insurance available for all buildings, whether they are in a floodplain or not. Flood insurance covers direct losses caused by surface flooding, including a river flowing over its banks, a lake or ocean, and local drainage problems. As part of this program, the Engineering Division has the following resources available:

1. The Engineering Division maintains a copy of elevation certificates that are prepared when buildings are built and when they are certified for flood insurance purposes. Feel free to contact us to determine if a certificate exists. Since flood zones may change over time, be aware that older certificates may not reflect the current flood zone or base flood elevation. Learn more about elevation certificates and how they can reduce the cost of flood insurance by viewing this short video. Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012
2. The Engineering Division maintains copies of the latest flood maps. The maps are on display in our office during business hours, and the Wichita Falls Public Library also has copies available for inspection. The four panels may also be viewed by clicking on the appropriate links below.

3. Engineering personnel are available to help determine if a certain property is located in a flood area. In cases where the location of the property is unclear, we ask that you contact us in person so that we can be sure we have located the correct property. In some cases, a survey of the property showing the existing buildings may be required in order to make a flood determination.


These links provide helpful information concerning flood insurance, flood safety, flood hazard areas, and developing land within flood hazard areas:

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